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5 Backsplashes to Pair with Concrete Countertops

By on May 1, 2017

5 Backsplashes to Pair with Concrete Countertops


There are so many decisions that you have to make as you go about a kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL project.  Navigating the waters of a kitchen remodel requires a significant amount of attention to detail, as well as a professional that can guide you with each crucial step that you have to take. You may have already come to the conclusion that, from a countertops perspective, concrete is the way to go.  You may have even chosen the ideal kitchen cabinets for the newly remodeled room as well.  What about the backsplash though?  What is going to look best with concrete countertops?


There are going to be a lot of varying opinions, depending on who you talk to, in regards to what type of backsplash will look best to mesh with concrete.  The backsplash and concrete countertop pairings that we have detailed out below is not an exhaustive list by any means.  There are plenty of suitable matches that you could go with; we just wanted to introduce some ideas to spark the creative juices, get them flowing.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile goes with everything because of all of the various colors that the material comes in.  You can have it match with concrete and give off any appearance that you would like, making it one of the more talented candidates for your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL and concrete pairing overall.  Ceramic tile is also very easy to tie-in with new kitchen cabinets, so no matter what style of cabinet or kitchen you are going for, there should be a ceramic tile that goes with it.


Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great option as it is primarily seen as a relative of concrete.  Just like bricks and concrete go together, so do natural stone and concrete.  There are several different types of stones that you can work with, including tiny stones, split-face stones, among others.  The great thing about natural stones is the appeal that they have, the durability, as well as the variations in color and overall presentation.  They can make a room look modern or rustic, depending on the type of natural stone you choose.


Stainless Steel

The first one that is worth mentioning when pairing concrete countertops with a backsplash is that of stainless steel.  Stainless steel is going to give your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL a very industrial look to it.  The commercial style of the kitchen is very modern, currently, in-style to say the least, and is a combination that many homeowners are turning to.


Brick and Concrete

Brick and concrete naturally go hand-in-hand.  This combination is, again, in-line with the more industrial and commercial look, but is very in-style at the moment.  The appearance of these two colors meshing together is something to be seen and can make your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL elegant and stand out.


Zero Backsplash

The minimalist is going to love this option, and it is one that is very appealing from a visual sense.  Going with no backsplash is popular just because of how many concrete countertops stand out on their own.  When you do not add onto the countertops with a backsplash, you will let the concrete stick, get all of the attention that it deserves, and the results can be breathtaking.

Pairing a backsplash with concrete countertops is simpler than you think.  There are plenty of options out there, many of which can allow you to have a great pairing and stay well under budget.  Work with us at Stonehouse, and we can help you identify the ideal pairings to bring your concrete countertops to life as part of your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL.