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How to Properly Maintain Your Corian Countertops

By on Jun 8, 2017

How to Properly Maintain Your Corian Countertops

Corian countertops are one of the more popular countertop materials that exist.  You see many commercial and residential users go with these countertops as part of their larger kitchen renovation effort for many reasons.  The countertops look great as the material is incredibly sleek, clean-looking, and complements any kitchen overall.  Corian gives off a very attractive look.  As with any countertop that you are using, though, routine cleaning has to be done to maintain them properly.

Routine Cleaning Steps

The conventional cleaning steps to take care of Corian are pretty simplistic.  The two materials that you need for the countertop include dish soap, as well as water.  Combine a bit of dish soap and water in a bowl.  Get a sponge, something that you would use to clean dishes primarily, and lather it up with the solution.

Give the countertop a solid wiping with the sponge, from one end to the other.  Get soap on them, cleaning any stain spots and such that may have popped up through the various cooking and eating sessions.  Once you are done with that, rinse the soap out and go with the sponge and water, in a dampened state, to do the rest of the clean-up.

Once you have wiped them down with the damp sponge, use a soft cloth to dry them fully.  When you wipe the countertops correctly, you are going to be preventing water marks and streaks from appearing on the material.  The glossy finish that we all love to see is also going to be that much more clear and apparent.

Bleach-Based Cleaning Solutions

Bleach-based cleaning solutions are a good thing to try to use on Corian countertops from time to time after the kitchen renovation is complete.  You want to d this once per week if you can.  Make a mixture of water and bleach, just a teaspoon of bleach will usually do.  Rub it all over the Corian with a soft cloth, let sit for a few minutes, and then dry to remove any lingering bacteria.

React Quickly to Spills

Water and other liquids that are just allowed to sit on the countertops can cause what are known as hard water marks, stains.  When you have a spill on the countertops, one of the best maintenance steps that you can take is to react to those spills as quickly as possible.  Use the method that we talked about above with the conventional cleaning steps to get all of that liquid up and fully cleaned off of the material to avoid any long-term damage.  Dry up the liquid first, and follow it up with the soap and water to clean the remainder.

Be Careful with Cleaning Solutions

You want to be careful with the cleaning solutions that you use when taking care of Corian countertops.  Ammonia-based spray cleaners are going to work best for this type of countertop.  You only want to use these cleaning solutions when you have dirt and grime build-up that just will not come of with the ordinary soap and water method.  Check the ingredients and the safety of each solution you are considering so that you end up with something that will help, not harm, your Corian.

If you have Corian countertops, you want to be thinking about the maintenance needs that exist.  Routine cleaning is obviously going to be a requirement, but there are other protective steps that you can take to reduce the amount, if any, of the damage that the countertops may endure over time.  When you invest in Corian, spend some time as well in maintaining them, so they look great on installation day, and 10-years down the road.  A kitchen renovation project involving Corian is truly value-add, but you want to protect that value as much as possible.