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The Best Commercial Countertop Options

By on Jun 12, 2017

The Best Commercial Countertop Options

No other type of kitchen takes more damage, more abuse, and gets more attention than that of a commercial kitchen.  When you are going through the process of designing a commercial kitchen, you want to make sure you are hitting on all of the key areas.  You want to be thinking about the kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL from the floor to ceiling, including making sure that the countertops deliver on all of the needs that you have.

A commercial kitchen countertop is something that is used every single day, most times morning, noon, and night, by a series of chefs. They are using knives, mallets, all sorts of utensils to try and get the dishes they are preparing just right, and all of their work is done right on the countertops.These things take a lot of abuse and must be kept in good working condition every day.  As a consumer, it is pivotal that you know your options and makes the best decision possible.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are one of the top recommendation that we can make for a commercial kitchen. The real as though stainless steel is so preferred is that they are very easy to both clean and maintain. You do not have to worry about the stainless steel staining, or absorbing liquid, leading to bacteria growth and such.

Stainless steel is a material that is waterproof and is also resistant to heat, so even placing a hot pan down on it is not going to do all that much negative to them.Due to all of these factors, that is the reason as to why kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL professionals usually go stainless steel in the commercial kitchen.


Copper is another very common choice that you are not usually going to see in the home of a residential consumer, but are going to see it more often than not in those commercial kitchens. Copper countertops are heat resistant and also have a lot of visual appeal to them.

Just like stainless steel, copper is a material that is going to be built to last and have a lot of qualities that go in line with that other material. It is a great fit as well usually with the decor of a commercial kitchen overall, making it one of the more visually appealing material options available.

Trusting a Pro

You need to be able to have a professional that you can trust as you are trying to make a decision for your commercial kitchen.The materials that consumers use in homes also work in commercial kitchens, such as granite, but they are less frequently used because granite is more about the visual appeal than the function, durability, and longevity.

You want to be doing your homework online before you start to make phone calls to professionals in your area. We have the years of experience and want to work with you from top to bottom on the journey, but it is all about you coming to the realization that we can meet your needs.Check online reviews, reach out to get a feel for what we can offer, to gain comfort over your decision.

Copper and stainless steel are at the top of the list of the commercial countertop options available. As you work towards a commercial kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL, be thinking about these options and more.Get in contact with our team of professionals and let our focus on quality customer service take the lead in getting you towards what you are looking for most, quality countertops in a very busy kitchen and cooking space.