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The Best Cabinets to Use in an Outdoor Kitchen

By on Apr 13, 2017

The Best Cabinets to Use in an Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen market is one that continues to gain in popularity. Outdoor kitchens, not that long ago, were not all that commonplace.  You would see a faux outdoor kitchen at some homes, but not the full-blown experience with appliances, cabinets, countertops, and so on. The gravitation towards these outdoor kitchens is due to the gains that you get, being able to use your outdoor space to its fullest. When designing an outdoor kitchen, what cabinet company Jacksonville FL should you rely on to help you pick the best cabinets out there?

There are a lot of considerations that you are going to want to make when you are thinking about an outdoor kitchen. You do not want to go with the same types of cabinets that you would want for the inside of your home. The reason is that of the elements that exist outside.  You are going to have to deal with heavy winds, rain, and so on. The cabinets are going to take a beating, so what materials make for ideal candidates for such weather exposure?


Stainless Steel

One of the top options that a cabinet company Jacksonville FL is going to offer to you for your outdoor kitchen is that of stainless steel cabinets. This is a solution that can allow you to get great looking cabinets with an incredible level of durability. Stainless steel cabinets are going to be completely weatherproof, the rain and such is not going to do any harm to them.The stainless steel is going to match the grill and even other appliances if that is the design of them that you choose to go with.Stainless steel does not just have to be silver either, as these can be created with a slew of different types of colors as well.



There is also what is known as marine grade polymer out there that makes for an excellent material for outdoor cabinets.Your cabinet company Jacksonville FL, like us at Stonehouse, will quickly explain to you all of the great benefits that go along with the cabinets.They are incredibly easy to hose down should they ever get dirty, and are also resistant to the UV rays of the sun.  The other big benefit with these is that they are completely water-tight.The last thing you want is rain water getting inside of your cabinets when it starts to pour down.


The Teak Option

Teak is for those that want more traditional looking cabinets inside of their outdoor kitchen.These types of cabinets can be designed so that they have a waterproof finish to them.This is going to allow them to be sealed from the rain, winds, sun, and so on.They may need more maintenance as the sun will wear them down, causing the requirement of periodic refinishing that is going to have to take place.  When they are cared for, though, they will look tremendous.

Your cabinet company Jacksonville FL, like us at Stonehouse, should be able to help you quickly understand all of the great options that are out there for cabinets.Teak, polymer, as well as stainless steel,  are the top three picks, but that is certainly not the only ones that you are going to have to choose from.Talk to our team of professionals and get a good idea as to what exists in the market and what is going to make the most sense based on how your outdoor kitchen is being designed.