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7 Must Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

By on Apr 3, 2017

7 Must Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

Everyone has an image in their head regarding what their dream kitchen is going to look like.  When you break it down, though, what are the must have items that are going to be needed for it to fulfill that vision in your head?  What is the seven must-haves to consider when doing your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL?  We at Stonehouse are here to help you not only narrow down what those seven must-have items are but to work with you to take the next step actually to incorporate them into your kitchen remodel.



Every dream kitchen needs to be headlined by lots of technology.  There have been so many advancements in recent years when it comes to technology.  We are starting to see refrigerators that have coffee makers built into the doors, displays that let you see through the doors to the interior of the fridge, those that show recipes, among other things.

Cooktops are starting to make induction cooking far more accessible, and technology as a whole is doing the entire kitchen that much smarter.


The Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is something that everyone actually would love to have. Some think that their kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL cannot have an island because the kitchen is too small.  This could not be farther from the truth though as there are a lot of design variations that can work with an island to make it functional and appealing, no matter how much space that you have.


Elegant Countertops

Countertops are what can make or break a kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL, and we understand that at Stonehouse. Elegant countertops include those materials such as granite, marble, quartz, among others. These are the countertops that are going to help your kitchen stand out and make a positive visual impact.


Added Storage

Storage is always a struggling area in every single kitchen out there. No matter how much storage that you may have, it probably seems to you that you never have enough. We can work with you at Stonehouse so that you have all of the storage that you need.  We can help you with drawers that are oversized, pantries that are designed to be more of the walk-in variety. This can allow you to push the envelope from a storage perspective, so you never run out of space.


Dedicated Trash and Recycling

When was the last time that you struggled trying to find where to place your trash and recycling in your home?  A kitchen that is designed properly should have both dedicated trash and recycling locations.This can allow you to keep these things organized, clean, and out of the way. Why have an ugly trash can around your kitchen when you can incorporate it right into some of the cabinets and drawers?


Adequate Lighting

Lighting can do a lot for the overall design of a kitchen. You want to have adequate lighting, but also a light that is designed appropriately, to make the most of your kitchen visually and functionally.Having drop down lights for the island, recessed lighting for the rest of the kitchen can complement the entire appearance.



A beautiful backsplash can be the exclamation point for any kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL.  A backsplash with glass tiles, stone tiles, or some other material can be the focal point of the kitchen.Having this tie together your walls, cabinets, countertops, ceiling, and flooring can assist in the completion of your kitchen’s overall stylistic impression.

A dream kitchen should have all of the items that we have detailed out above and then some.We can work with you at Stonehouse as you go through your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL process.It is all about creativity and also understanding what means the most to you as you design this new space.