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Useful Appliances to Consider Installing in Your New Kitchen

By on May 11, 2017

Useful Appliances to Consider Installing in Your New Kitchen

The process of doing a full-blown kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL is about as exciting as it gets for a homeowner.  You have the opportunity to start in your kitchen with a clean slate.  Very few of us buy homes that we have built for us, so we likely adopt whatever kitchen was there when the home was purchased.  The remodeling initiative is an attempt for you to take hold of your kitchen once and for all, truly make it your own, achieve that dream kitchen.  You focus so much on cabinets, countertops, flooring, but what about the appliances?  Which appliances are so useful that you absolutely should consider installing them in your new kitchen?


You may be immediately thinking that you know what his list is going to include.  For the sake of introducing new ideas, new beliefs, let us take away the standard appliances every kitchen is going to have.  We all have a refrigerator, we all have dishwashers, ovens, cooktops.  What are the unique appliances though, that you may not have thought of?  We at Stonehouse can help you navigate the waters to figure out the additional devices that may be worth doing to the kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL.


Food Processing Power

Having a food processor in your kitchen is one of the most useful appliances out there.  When you go through a kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL, we can work with you so that you have storage for a device such as this, when it is not in use too.  This is a tool that can simply do so many things. There are plenty of processors that have a 12-cup capacity or more so that you can prepare food for the entire family in a flash.  If you do not need such capacity, think about some of the smaller versions of food processors to make salsa, eggs, pancakes, among other things.


Electric Mixers

Electric mixers are appliances that can do two things. They can, first and foremost, really add some flavor to the visual appeal of your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL. They can also be an incredible tool in the food preparation space, helping you from a baking perspective, making dough, cookies, among other things. For those that like to bake, this is the top appliance that you are going to want to consider.  It simply makes your life that much simpler while in the kitchen.


Time to Pressure Cook

Pressure cookers continue to gain a lot of traction and are starting to be incorporated more and more into the kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL projects. The pressure cooker is great if you want to make rice or a slew of other dishes.  Many are preferring this to the slow cooker or crock pot that has been used in the kitchen for so many decades now.


Coffee Hour

Another essential for a kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL appliances is having that pristine coffee maker.  Whether you choose to go with a single-serve or one that makes a pot at a time, put the effort in to find a quality coffee maker to meet your needs really.  There are coffee makers that have a real aesthetic appeal to them too so that they can mesh right in with your overall kitchen style.  You do not want to just buy any old coffee maker off of a store shelf.  Instead, put some thought into the buying process to nail the appliance.


Our team at Stonehouse is going to be able to help you every step of the way with your kitchen remodel Jacksonville FL.  As you go through the process of choosing all of the big-ticket items, including the cabinets and the countertops, think long and hard about appliances too.  Some of the essentials may go beyond what you would usually think of as the best appliances to have in a new kitchen.