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Countertop Installation

Countertop installation can be a complicated process for even the most accomplished do-it-yourself handymen and women. To start with, self installation requires that you or someone you know have the necessary tools, not to mention the time required to complete the necessary planning and inspection to make sure you’re properly installing your new countertops. Between the assistance you’ll need for the heavy lifting and the equipment you’ll need for such tasks as making cuts in your chosen material, drilling holes for your anchors, and attaching your brackets to hold your sink in place, it can also get to be expensive as well. At StoneHouse Kitchens, our experts can help you with your countertop installation. Our experienced professionals have been there before and are here to make sure that you’re not alone in the process. Professional installation can get pricey, but we pride ourselves on providing an affordable and knowledgable countertop installation. Why do it yourself when we can do it for you? Less stress and more free weekends to spend your time however you choose while admiring your beautiful new countertops!

When you choose us for your countertop installation, we don’t just install your new counters. We are also available to provide services that include sealing your new countertops and tearing out and removing your pre-existing countertops in order to save you the hassle of disposing of them yourself. Doesn’t that sound easier? Please contact StoneHouse Kitchens today to inquire about countertop installation in your home. We’d love to help you complete your vision of turning your dream kitchen or bathroom into a reality.