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Countertop Repair

Accidents happen. Depending on your chosen material, it is more than likely that at some point during its lifespan, your surfaces will require countertop repair. Many materials available for your countertops will chip, stain, or scratch over time. Marble, for instance, has been known to stain just from drops of water seeping beneath the surface. But don’t worry, that’s where StoneHouse Kitchens comes in. Our experts are here to make sure that your counters don’t lose their initial luster just because of a few minor scratches or chips. We can repair nicks, seams, cracks, and gouges to your beautiful counters to make their imperfections perfect once again. This is not the time to do it yourself! Our experts provide a professional and affordable service that can’t be replicated by quick fix products. It’s not magic. It’s maintenance! In addition to your like new countertop repair, you’ll also get the knowledge and satisfaction that our experts got the job done the right way.

Many products on television may claim that you can simply restore your countertops by purchasing their products. However, resurfacing your countertops isn’t always that simple. For instance, matching colors can be an extremely difficult task and, if done in an improper fashion, can be even more noticeable than the very scratch you were trying to repair in the first place. Let us help repair your countertops for you. The professionals at StoneHouse Kitchens are available for countertop repair, modification and alteration, scratch removal, refinishing and resurfacing, and even sealing. Let our master contractors sand the imperfections and restore your countertops to their original shine and make them look brand new. Please contact StoneHouse Kitchens today to inquire about repairing your countertops to look like new again.