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Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodel can help update the overall aesthetic of your home or just give you a much needed change of pace in an area where you spend a lot of your time. At StoneHouse Kitchens, our professionals can assist you in adding functionality and warmth to your home. By choosing us to help complete your kitchen remodel, you’ll assure yourself that you’re receiving the best value at an affordable price.

Each year, realtors in markets across the country take a survey that judges the affects of home renovations on home value. And each year, kitchen remodel appears at the top of the list. From kitchen countertops and cabinets to backsplashes, kitchen flooring, sinks and more, there are some many options when it comes to updating your kitchen. As far as your home value is concerned, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Homebuyers desire a kitchen with style and function and in today’s market, the little things can make a huge difference. In the grand scheme of things, a kitchen remodel will not recover 100% of the cost it takes to renovate. However, a remodeled kitchen has shown to shorten the time frame for the sale of a house and increased the interest in the home. According to the most recent survey for 2011-2012 completed by the National Association of Realtors, a minor kitchen remodel with an average job cost of $19,588 has a resale value of $14,120. In other words, as a homeowner, you are able to recoup approximately 72% of the cost to renovate. Based on a national survey, this puts a minor kitchen remodel in the top four returns as far as cost recovery is concerned. Major kitchen remodels, although not as pronounced, recover approximately 66% of their total cost. Contact StoneHouse Kitchens today to inquire about your kitchen remodel.