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Must-Haves for Your Master Bathroom

By on May 8, 2017

Must-Haves for Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be a place where you do more than just take a quick shower before work.  The master bathroom of your home should be your personal sanctuary.  It should be a place where you can escape to relax and unwind completely, to forget about the day to day stresses that you have had to endure in work, school, or whatever else may be getting you down.


There are plenty of must-haves for a master bathroom, so when starting to put this list together, it is by no means exhaustive.  Must-haves are going to vary from one individual to the next, but whether it is modern bathroom cabinets or a quality bathroom cabinet installation, there are plenty of must-haves for a master bathroom that is well worth mentioning.


Double Sinks

One of the must-have items that you are going to want to check off of your list when you are trying to do a bathroom remodeling project is to make sure the master has double sinks.  We all know that relationships can be hard, you have to share everything, but not the bathroom sink!  A master bathroom should have double sinks so that you do not have to share.  You can have your side, your space, with plenty of counters all around it.


Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Technology has come a long way when you are talking about the options that you have for faucets and soap dispensers.  One of the things that you may want to consider as you are thinking about your master bathroom is that of a touchless faucet.  You just put your hand under the spout and out comes the water.  This is a great thing if you want to promote a clean bathroom as well, as hands never hit the handles of the faucet at all.  The soap dispenser should also be built right into the countertop so that you can use it to dispense and not have to clog up your counter space with an extra item.


The Open Shower Concept

The open shower is one of those things that can make a master bathroom.  Having a glass enclosure, if you do not want it to be completely free, is also another option if you want that luxury and stylistic look, but without actually having it be wide open.


Rain Showerhead

Ever seen the showerhead that comes out of the ceiling, rather than the wall?  This is one of the best looks that you can have in the shower and is also highly relaxing, making the shower seem more like a spa environment than just an ordinary bathroom.  Our bathroom cabinet installation professionals see this all of the time and always rave about how great it looks.


Quality Cabinet Space

Bathroom cabinets need to be plentiful so that you have enough space for storage and also have them give off a look that can add to the overall style of the master bathroom as well.  We at Stonehouse can assist with this as you work to design the cabinets and go forward with an installation that equates to the ideal layout for the entire master area.


High-End Toilet

The toilet has also advanced over the years as there is plenty of new technology that is beyond what you would ever expect to get out of the throne in your master bathroom.  This includes having toilets that have heated seats, that have air dryers built into them, some that clean themselves, play music, and so on.  Getting a high-end toilet can help push the master bathroom to a new level from a technology perspective.


The master bathroom should be a retreat, somewhere that you can disappear to get away from everything.  Your bathroom cabinets retailer and bathroom cabinet installation professionals can help make sure your storage is ideal, but push the envelope with showers, shower heads, toilets, double sinks, and more.  Reach out to us at Stonehouse, and we can get the ball rolling with the crafting of your ideal master sanctuary.