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Our Advice for Caring for Your Wood Cabinets

By on Jun 5, 2017

Our Advice for Caring for Your Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are timeless.  The material of wood has been used now for cabinets in kitchens around the world for hundreds of years.  It is the one material that we consistently choose to provide an amazing visual inside of your kitchen and out.  Once you have wood cabinets Jacksonville FL though, what are some of the tips that you should be following to ensure they are adequately cared for?

Embrace the Character of the Cabinetry

The first piece of advice that we always give to our customers is that you want to embrace the character of your cabinetry.  Even if you have two homes that have hickory cabinets installed, the Hickory is going to look slightly different from one to the next.  Each piece of wood that is used is going to be rich and deep regarding its color and grain.  The cabinets are also going to be unique with how they appear, the knots that they can have, and other unique traits that wood may contain.  You want to embrace the character rather than trying to make it look so standard.  There is a real natural beauty of hardwood that is rooted in its imperfections.

Cleaning with a Cloth

The best way to care for your wood cabinets is to clean them regularly, both inside and out.  The way to do this is to start with a damp, soft cloth.  You do not want a cloth that is rough so that it does not do any damage to the cabinets.  Instead, dampen the soft cloth and begin to wipe down all of the cabinets.

If you have cabinets that have glass, use a glass cleaner on those parts.  Be careful about spraying the glass cleaner on the cabinets themselves, though.  Glass cleaner can have ammonia in it that can do quite a number on the cabinet finish that you have.

Once you wipe everything down with a damp cloth, dry up the spots that have excessive wetness. Do not worry so much about moisture inside of your cabinets, as this wood is lined with protection so that mold and such is not going to develop.

Things to Avoid

There is plenty of stuff that you want to avoid when caring for your wood cabinets.  The first is to be proactive.  If you have a spill of any kind, immediately begin to work to clean it up.  Whether it is a spill of water, vinegar, oils, or anything else, the faster that you can clean it, the better it is going to be for the cabinets.

Cleaning products are perfectly fine on cabinets, just make sure that they do not contain ammonia. Ammonia is known to impact the stain of the cabinets and can cause them to change color over time.

Another thing you want to avoid from a cleaning solution perspective is that of any types of wax, polish, or oil soap.  These can build up on the surface and also discolor the wood cabinets.

We at Stonehouse are asked the question all of the time after we work with clients to install new cabinets.  They want advice on how to care for the wood, what they should and should not use to clean them.  The goal with proper cleaning and maintenance of wood cabinets is that you are going to elongate their life.  The more care that you give to them care, the more they will give back regarding function, visual appeal, and everything else they bring to the table.